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Tips for photos with dogs | Johnson City TN | Amanda & Chad Photography

We love photos that incorporate your furbaby or furbabies! It makes wedding images or an engagement session instantly adorable! However, be aware that if you don’t prepare it can also add a ton of stress at the same time!  It doesn’t have to be stressful! Our furbabies are a part of our family and they should be incorporated into our special days or portraits when they can be! As most of our clients know we are very laid back and we try to keep things fun in every way possible! So, we are sharing some tips today for brides and we also wanted to share some tips for photographers!! 🙂

For Brides:

  • Walk it out! Let your furbaby walk around first! By allowing them to walk around they get more comfortable with the location and it really helps if they have been traveling for a long time and cooped up in the car! This will ensure your dog is calm and will feel more at ease since they already burnt off some of their built up energy!

  • If your dog is a big toy lover then be sure to bring his/her favorite toy along! It will provide another level of comfort for your dog! And, not all dogs love to look at the camera, so toys could definitely help to get their attention in the right direction! 😉


  • Be sure to bring some treats along with you! Especially if they have been trained to do things and then receive treats! This really helps when we are trying to get their cooperation!

  • Have someone that can take care of your dog when it needs a break or when we are taking photos of just you!


  • Make sure you have a cute leash instead of a neon green one! We don’t want any distractions that will take away from the photo!


  • Bring along doggie bags for the accidents!


  • Relax and just let their personality show! If you are wanting perfection…you may be disappointed! No worries if he/she won’t cooperate. Sometimes the best photos come from the unpredictable, in between moments!

Just a reminder of what to bring:

  • High-value treats like meat and/or cheese
  • Waste bags
  • Squeaky toys to get your furbabies attention
  • Water (for you and your furbaby)
  • Leash, collar, harness

For Photographers:

  • Don’t start out with the dog! It can be pretty stressful! Start with the couple and get to know them first, then introduce the dog!


  • Be sure to shoot with a higher aperture! If you shoot wide open (such as 1.6) and you have a moving animal, you may have a tough time keeping him or her in focus. So by shooting at a higher aperture, this allows for more wiggle room when it comes to focusing!


  • Don’t force the dog into a perfect pose at first! Start with something like walking shots!


  • Give up on perfection! Sometimes the best shots come from the candid moments!


  • Don’t forget to take shots of just the dog!! 🙂 Like we mentioned before, they are a part of the family!

We hope all of these tips have been helpful!

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