The Golden Hour – Johnson City TN Photographers

Wedding Wednesday

Jun 16, 2015

When scheduling your session with us you may realize that we always recommend shooting during a precise time of day! 2-3 hours before sunset is good but the last sixty to ninety minutes before the sun has set creates the most beautiful light!! Photographers call it “THE GOLDEN HOUR.”  With its long rays diffused across the sky, the light creates a glow and shimmer for absolutely perfect skin tones, sun flare and warm portraits!

If we were to choose midday to shoot, those rays of sun would create harsh shadows and create too much contrast because the sun is too high in the sky. I like to call this light “Pool light.” Meaning…. it’s the best time to go swimming! haha

So instead of fighting the harsh light of the midday sun, we like to schedule outdoor shooting during the hours when the sun still work it’s magic..but in our favor!




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