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We are late posting this but we had to share it because it was a very happy day of celebration!! We now have another nephew and niece! 🙂 Every adoption journey starts with a story of loss, however, it’s not just a story of loss. It may begin there but it can grow and evolve […]

We always love to help our community and were blessed to have had the chance to take photos for an event here in our hometown, Camp with Cops! This event is for children to come and take part in fun activities with law enforcement officers! It was such an honor to be present to see […]

I can’t believe I am already writing the Goals post for April! Time is flying by so fast! There has been a lot of things change when it comes to routines! I’m still struggling with it! I need sleep, I have a pile of clothes to go through in the laundry room, and I still […]

What you are going to see this month is someone who fell off the bandwagon several times and just kept trying to get back on! February seemed like it barely existed. Where does the time go? All of a sudden here we are in March! This month is definitely going to be a little busy […]

My entire life I (Amanda) have always loved animals so much!!  When I was a little girl I was all about rescuing them.  I would go around my neighborhood and “rescue” every one I saw.  That included the neighbors’ cats and dogs too because as a little girl I thought every one that I found […]

I can’t believe we are already in February but here we are!! 🙂 January was productive but since this was my first time using Powersheets, January ended up being a month of learning as well. This month should be a little more productive since I am now set to the routine. Goals are very different […]