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Dec 30, 2019

It’s time for our annual Behind the Scenes blog!!  YAY!!!!! We look forward each year to seeing these posts from our fellow entrepreneur friends and we love sharing ours!  You all get a sneak peek into what our job looks like behind the scenes!!

These moments that we take and sometimes accidentally capture while trying to produce all of these romantic images can be hilarious! We hope this post provides some comic relief for you!!  2019 was so much fun and we are so grateful for all of the wonderful people that we had a chance to meet and capture memories for!! Enjoy these “Behind the Scenes” photos from 2019 and looking back through the past year! You know we love you all because we are sharing some pretty embarrassing ones so please try your best not to judge us!!  LOL We definitely look a little rough in some of these images…we usually do look like a mess after long wedding days and sessions! haha


Chad (the best team member and hubby) is such a good helper!!

Testing out the light!


Getting in a bush for that perfect shot!

He’s the perfect model for testing the light!

I have the ability to give some pretty amazing faces!! You will see that throughout this post!

Chad is an awesome veil fluffer!!


Whatever it takes to get the shot!! I always find him climbing something!


Taking some product photos for Bellafina Chocolates!

See what I mean about faces!


And the positions I get in just to take the shot!


My pale white legs!

Modeling for me! Love the serious face!

Y’all it was SO COLD!!

Getting creative…even if it means barely hanging on to the side of the porch!

Usually, I am the one in the middle of the road..but not this time. Don’t worry…there wasn’t any traffic! Lol


Awesome model!

Always testing that awesome light!

I don’t have a clue what happened here…but I had to share! LOL

In May we had a gorgeous styled shoot at The Waterstone!! Rebecca from Edwards Photography shot with us!!

I’m not sure what is on the back of my dress here.  No doubt from getting on the ground to get the perfect angle!

Kind of creepy Chad

My facial expression

Had to share this one from the Waterstone styled shoot of Chelsea from Blossom and Bloom!! lol She’s awesome!

My absolutely wonderful facial expressions!! Wasn’t this one taken at the perfect time? I look like a teenager having a rough day!

and I look like I am ready to pass out here….

Helping with Camp with Cops in our hometown

Taking a photo of a centerpiece

Once again with the facial expression and what’s wrong with my knee??

Dale & Rebecca from Edwards Photography second shoot with us from time to time !! We love working with them!

Rebecca from Edwards photography!

LOVING the pose, Chad

I am one to talk with the posing right? Here is my example of forehead to forehead while trying to test lighting

Chad testing…

Dale trying to get the perfect angle.

Dale taking Chad’s job during this wedding!! Good job Dale

Checking out the photo!

Ring shots..just laying on the ground…

Chad’s turn

LOL Love it guys!

With our good friend Megan from Megan Brooke’s Photography at The KJ Business Journey Event in Richmond!! While this isn’t a photo taken with our camera we wanted to share since it was a highlight of the year!

Seeing KJ again! I am so grateful!!

Chad checking the timeline while I am taking bridal party photos


Love the stance Chad



YAY Faces!!

Chad just had to take a photo of this! It worked in making me feel bad for doing it! LOL  I do this all the time..need to stop!

Always climbing things…




Getting ready for the exit!

Getting ready for the reception with Michelle from Twickenham!

yep, gotta love my faces!

He makes things interesting!

Bridal session…

Helping with the veil at a bridal session

Edwards Photography second shooting with us…loving the pose from Dale during a ring shot

LOL Love it Dale!

I think we both wanted the same spot Rebecca! LOL


Thought this one was cute of Rebecca!

Helping with the dress


Standing on the chairs



Chad is so good at getting shots of my backside! *rolls eyes*

Walking to a different portrait location

Thanks Chad…more of my backside


We started lifestyle newborn sessions this year and this one was for a couple who we have captured engagement, wedding, maternity and now newborn photos for!


Prepping for a daddy/daughter first look

Loved these of Chelsea from Blossom and bloom and had to share! She’s too much fun LOL

Love love love my face in these next two

Styled shoot at Cherokee Creek farm…. featuring fun shenanigans! LOL

Testing for a silhouette shot

Pretty sure this was another photobomb

Just hanging out with the ring bearer

Yes….always….climbing things…

Chad explaining an idea

Testing flash for a sparkler exit

I promise he knows how to operate a laptop

getting set for a Daddy/Daughter first look

Testing out that flash lighting!

I promise I am a happy person! LOL

Trying to find a branch to block the sun


I really like Chad’s facial expression of determination.

Taking a photo of one of the cutest flowergirls!

Those veil shots!


What an amazing year 2019 was!!! BRING ON 2020!!! Can’t wait for next year and to share behind the scenes again!!


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