I LOVE my simplified PLANNER!


Jul 10, 2020

This will make my second year using The Simplified Planner from Emily Ley and I honestly would be lost without it! I tried other planners before trying this one, but this one has been AWESOME!! Of course, no planner is going to be worth any kind of money if you don’t actually use it for the intended purpose!! This is the only planner that I have found to be so easy to use!! Today, I would like to break down how I use my planner and why I love it!

The best thing about this planner is that it fits in well with my Powersheets from Cultivate what matters!! To read more about why I think Powersheets are AMAZING, go HERE!  Usually, on the first day when I have the planner, I will fill in all of my appointments or events for a particular month!! It’s really helpful when it comes to visualizing which weeks will be busy and which ones will be slower. Sitting down at bedtime and writing the top 3 priority to-dos for the next day helps keep my anxiety at bay and keeps me focused on what matters most! This year I have started something new with the planner, time blocking!! I feel like I am constantly pulled in a million different directions and so far time tracking has worked wonders for keeping me on task!! The list of reasons why The Simplified Planner is awesome can go on and on!! The paper quality is better and doesn’t rip easily, you can carry it with you wherever you go if you travel a lot, they have different options for the cover, you can simplify your routine by day and week, it has extra notes pages, and it has colorful stickers (and if you have read the Powersheets blog you know I get fired up about color). As I mentioned before, being able to use the planner with my powersheets has been one of the best things!

I am seriously obsessed! If you need a daily planner to help you simplify your life, the Simplified Planner is a great option for you!! I am one that tends to overcomplicate things and so this planner has been great for me!! It allows me to use it how I need to! Here is to simplifying our lives and making what matters most at the top of our to-do lists!


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