Elizabeth Hill Photography Branding Session – Amanda & Chad Photography


Jan 18, 2020


When we first met Beth we absolutely LOVED her!!! She is type of person whose joy is absolutely contagious and you instantly feel comfortable around!! When she asked us to take branding photos for her business we were so excited!! Branding photos are so important if you are looking to improve your business! These images will allow you to tell the story of your brand and add personal touches will allow you to connect more with your audience!! Starting a business is a big job!! One thing you really need to establish is what your brand is all about!! As you already know, social media is a huge influence and you need content!! This is why hiring a photographer to capture you and your brand is essential!! So, we are so excited to offer these branding sessions to our fellow entrepreneurs!!  We get together with Beth every once in a while to create more content for one another!! We love how Beth also shares the same passion as us..photography! She is so talented y’all!! If you haven’t checked her business out you really need to….. Elizabeth Hill Photography!!

We can’t wait to see what amazing things await her this year!!! We hope you enjoy some of our favorites from her branding session!!



We took a few minutes to capture some photos of Beth with her family!!! 🙂 What a beautiful family!!



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