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Elizabeth Hill Interns | Mentoring | Ellenbrook Mansion | Amanda & Chad Photography

We love getting to know other photographers and business owners and helping them when we can!  It’s one of our passions and we would absolutely love to do more of these types of sessions!! Last month, we had the honor to photograph Beth from Elizabeth Hill Photography and her interns at the gorgeous Ellenbrook Mansion!! !! It was incredible! Getting the chance to see Beth teach her interns was such a blessing! What amazing talent she has!! We will be shadowing Beth this summer and we can’t wait to learn more from her! She is such an inspiration!! AND, it’s the icing on the cake that Beth is also a huge Katelyn James fan!!

While editing through the headshots we couldn’t help but be so grateful for the chance to be a part of this! It has been awesome seeing Beth and her intern’s posts on Facebook & Instagram and learning more about them and their businesses! We have included bios below from each intern and Beth so that you can get to know a little more about them! 🙂

Enjoy getting to know some of our new friends and seeing some of the images from this shoot! Also, a special thanks to Rebecca from Edwards Photography who went with me to shoot since Chad couldn’t make it! This was only the second time in 8 years when that has happened but she was amazing and stepped up to help us!! 🙂 Love her so much!



Meet the interns! 🙂










And, now meet Beth!! 🙂 Be sure to read her bio below!! She’s amazing!!

Hey friends! My name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Beth for short! I am the lead photographer for Elizabeth Hill Photography! I started EHP because I believe deep in my soul that joy is one of the greatest gifts you can capture! We have valleys and mountains throughout different seasons of our lives and even scripture tells us that despite all that, love is the greatest gift we’ve been given and it’s so fun to capture it. Whether you are marrying the love of your life or welcoming a brand new little one to your family, I want to freeze just those few moments for you to share with your families for years to come. To add to the legacy you are building and to show you that an average Tuesday with me, can remind you of why you love the people you do, so deeply! I am married to my stud husband, Scott – who teaches and coaches and together we are raising our sweet brown-eyed boy Connor. We love all our Disney adventures the most, but sometimes our favorite thing to do is buy ice cream and watch movies on the couch. You can always find me wanting to eat sushi, stovetop popcorn, and crunchy salads. Also – my current Netflix obsession is Designated Survivor. I can’t get enough!



I (Amanda) have also been chosen as one of Beth’s assistants this summer and I absolutely can’t wait!!




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