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Mar 7, 2019

What you are going to see this month is someone who fell off the bandwagon several times and just kept trying to get back on! February seemed like it barely existed. Where does the time go? All of a sudden here we are in March! This month is definitely going to be a little busy as I try to catch up! Once again I am going to remind myself that it’s ok. Progress and not finishing is ok! I struggle with feeling like it isn’t ok and a yearly goal of mine is to teach myself that it’s fine to just make progress and not complete everything! I have been trying to be more realistic about goals too! Sometimes I feel like I make them WAY too big at first and that they need to be simplified! Right now, it may seem like the simplified goals don’t look like much, but I have found that breaking your goals down into smaller tasks is more motivating!  So, here is the goal recap for February…….

Business Goals Recap | February 2019

  • Design our one page website into multipage page design – This is still in the process although we are getting closer! 
  • Finish all of our guides – Almost finished with the guides, just have to do a quick review of them for spelling errors! 
  • Finish SEO course from Davey & Krista Jones-Didn’t complete but made progress! Hoping to finish it this month! 
  • Setup Cloudspot-Only 50 more galleries to upload! lol Yes, that sounds like a lot, but not when you account for where we started! 
  • Officially complete Blog/Social media calendar-COMPLETE! 
  • Organize computer-COMPLETE! 
  • Research for shoot in May-Initial research Complete! 
  • Book/Schedule Mini sessions-COMPLETE!
  • Stay on top of emails!-COMPLETE, have amazed myself staying on top of this! 
  • Go to at least 1 networking event!-Didn’t get to go because life had other plans! 
  • Love our clients well!-COMPLETE & will be a goal each month! 

Personal Goals Recap| February 2019

  • Daily quiet time with Fresh Faith & Youversion-COMPLETE! Loving this!
  • Schedule aerial silks class-Still need to do! *face palm* Anyone want to go with me and hold me accountable? 
  • Start Contentment Challenge from Nancy Ray-COMPLETE!
  • Read for 20 minutes each day-COMPLETE!
  • Organize photos to scan, put in albums/display-Haven’t even touched the photos yet! Will be a goal in March, but I am going to simplify this to make it easier to get motivated! 
  • Stick with exercising and a healthy diet-COMPLETE! 
  • Stick with financial plan to pay off next debt coming up-COMPLETE! Paid off one of our short term debts!
  • Stay on budget-COMPLETE! Love keeping track of everything and knowing where all of our money goes! 
  • Simplify certain areas a little more (such as makeup bag- I don’t need all of it. Time to let go)-COMPLETED one area-still 2 more to do! 
  • Schedule Dr’s appointments-COMPLETE!
  • Go to bed earlier, get up earlier! – Needs to be a March goal because I was all over the place throughout February! 

And, here is the official list for March!

Business Goals  | March 2019

  • Make our website OFFICIALLY done!
  • Review finished guides
  • Set Content Creation days
  • Finish setting up Dubsado
  • Cancel Sprout Studio & PASS
  • Prep equipment for upcoming shoots
  • Finish SEO course
  • Schedule photos for us/our business
  • Upload remaining galleries to Cloudspot
  • Stay on top of emails!
  • Go to at least one networking event!
  • Love our clients well!

Personal Goals | March 2019

  • Spend more time with friends & family!
  • Simplify master closet!
  • Just schedule the aerial silk class already!
  • Daily quiet time with Fresh Faith & Youversion
  • Keep phone clear of clutter
  • Stay on budget!
  • Go to bed early, get up earlier!
  • Organize photos to prepare them to scan!
  • Set date days/nights!
  • Read 20 minutes each day & finish a book!


February was a month of struggle when it came to completing the monthly goals! March will be a month of catching up and hopefully it will go a lot smoother than February!


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