Rising Tide Society-Tricities TN- Our first meeting!

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Jan 29, 2016

Hello my friends!! 🙂 Something amazing is happening and I have yet to tell you all about it! It all started last fall when I learned about the Rising Tide Society from Natalie Franke. She is one of my all time favorite photographers and she is one of the founders of the Rising Tide Society. The group is only 6 months old and has already grown tremendously, which is amazing! They are all about Community over Competition when it comes to small businesses. I have always wanted to help others who not only share the same passion as me (photography), but who also work within the wedding industry. So I jumped on the chance to send an application to become a leader of the Rising Tide Society for the Tricities, TN area. I felt like it was needed and my heart is so happy that I made that decision! 

I was thrilled to hear that my application was accepted and I officially started the group for the area! I am so happy to say that the people of the area were so eager to join and the group has grown so much faster than what I thought it would. Because the group was growing so fast I knew I couldn’t handle all of the leadership responsibilities alone! Two wonderful ladies (and now SISTERS), Ashley Mackey Cox  & Katy Sergent were more than willing to jump in with great enthusiasm and passion! Together we got the ball rolling and there’s no limit to how far this group can go!


We had our first meeting on Tuesday, January 26th at The Barn at Boone Falls (Thanks to Tommy & Tammy for being so generous and volunteering their lovely venue for our first get together). The turnout was better than we could have ever hoped for!


Take a look for yourselves at these amazing people and what fun we had!!! 🙂





Ashley, Katy and I making surprise welcome gifts for the Rising Tide members!



Katy, Amanda & Ashley! *Our Sister photo!  (LOVE YOU LADIES!)




People arriving…..


We had some really yummy food!!!




Members introducing themselves!











Group shot! A few members who attended are missing because we forgot to take the shot before anyone left! SO SORRY! We will do this at the beginning of the next meeting!






To find out more about the Rising Tide Society go HERE!

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