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10 Things – Bellamanda Photography – Johnson City TN Photographer

Welcome to another post about 10 things you didn’t know about me! 🙂 Writing the other was so much fun so I decided to make it a permanent thing so you can really get to know me and please feel free to comment and let me know some quirky things about you! Also, if you can relate to any of mine…I’d love to hear it! Comments make my day!

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10 things you didn’t know about me

1. My favorite place on Earth is Colorado!

2. I am OCD when it comes to having things clean! If something is messy I have to clean it before I can efficiently get any work done!

3. I am a nerd and I LOVE studying.

4. I’m obsessed with old classic TV shows like I love Lucy, Family, Ties, Bewitched, etc.

5. I almost ended up on the news once when I got lost in Yosemite National Forest. This happened several years ago but at that time I was hiking and misjudged when the sun would set and ended up on another hiking trial that was out of the way that was a dead end. By that time it was pitch black outside and I had to keep turning my point and shoot camera on to see the path and where to walk. Literally took about an hour to find my way back.

6. When I was born I was named Cynthia Dawn but my name was changed later

7. I am the DIY queen! I love anything DIY!

8. My middle name is Gail

9. I am obsessed with shoes….especially heels…however, I would probably fall constantly if I tried to walk in them these days.

10.  My favorite movie EVER is Wild Hearts can’t be broken

  1. Brittany Bise says:

    I feel out of the loop.. I only knew like 4 of these! I had no idea that you got lost nor did I know that your name was once Cynthia! Keep these up, they’re so interesting! 🙂

    Tidbit about me — if I had been a boy, my mom was going to name me Brandon, LOL 😉

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