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2018 Christmas Canvas Giveaway Contest

We are so excited because this is our FIRST EVER Christmas Canvas Giveaway contest!!!! We have looked through each wedding from this past year and we included a photo from each one! Now, you get to vote for your favorite and the couple with the most votes will win a gorgeous 20 x 30 CANVAS!!  YAY!!! What an amazing Christmas present for one lucky couple!! We love our couples so much and love spoiling them with fun things like CANVASES!!!!

****If you REALLY want your favorite couple to WIN the free canvas, SHARE this link on Facebook, Twitter, call your family and friends, whatever it takes to spread the word and get those VOTES rolling in!!! haha (In order to share this link you can click the social media icons at the bottom of this post OR use this link here:

****Voting will end at  midnight on MONDAY, December 10th!

****The couple who wins the contest will get to choose their OWN favorite image for their canvas!!

****You can cast your vote once per day at the bottom of this post! 

***Be sure to COMMENT the name of the couple on this blog post once per day to receive an additional vote!

VOTING starts NOW!! Good luck and happy voting to our amazing newlyweds!!! We are rooting for you!! The images are in no particular order! 


Renee & Jacob – The Millstone – Limestone, TN


Alex & Zack – The Gallery – Johnson City, TN


Samantha & Eric – The Magnolia – Pigeon Forge, TN
Emily & Andrew – The Lighthouse – Knoxville, TN
Adiaha & Matt – The Inn at Wise – Wise, VA
Maddie & Logan – The Old Mill Farm – Bedford, VATaylor & Cody – Happy Valley – Clintwood, VA


Makenzie & Seth – Martha Washington Inn – Abingdon, VA


Rebecca & Matt – The Carnegie – Johnson City, TN


Mikaylee & Ian – A Kings Lodge –  Sevierville, TN


Jess & Dan – Hawkesdene Estate – Andrews, NC


Mandy & Colton – Honeycreek Farms – Dandridge, TN



To go directly to the poll itself to cast your vote just CLICK HERE!


Christmas Canvas Giveaway Contest

Renee and Jacob
Alex and Zack
Samantha and Eric
Emily and Andrew
Adiaha and Matt
Madelene and Logan
Taylor and Cody
Makenzie and Seth
Rebecca and Matt
Mikaylee and Ian
Jess and Dan
Mandy and Colton

  1. Rachel P says:

    mikaylee and Ian

  2. Rachel Nelson says:

    Mikaylee and Ian

  3. KS says:

    Beautiful photos Ian and Mikaylee❤️

  4. Brittany says:

    Rebecca and Matt deserve to win this canvas!!!

  5. Renee Miller says:

    Of course I’m biased 🙂 voting for Jacob and I!

  6. Nikki says:

    Rebecca and Matt!!! Beautiful couple both on the inside and outside!!!!!!!

  7. Jan S says:

    Rebecca and Matt!!!!

  8. Patricia Rivera says:

    Renee and Jacob

  9. Jacob Miller says:

    Renee and Jacob

  10. Mandy says:

    of course Mandy & Colt

  11. Jennifer Hatfield says:

    Mikaylee & Ian – A Kings Lodge – Sevierville, TN

  12. Sandi says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  13. Barb says:

    Mikaylee and Ian! Sweetest couple ever. ❤️

  14. Barb says:

    Mikaylee and Ian

  15. Nikki P says:

    Rebecca and Matt!!!!!

  16. Jan S says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  17. Renee Miller says:

    Renee and Jacob

  18. Patricia Rivera says:

    Renee and Jacob ❤️

  19. Jacob Miller says:

    Jacob and Renee

  20. Susan says:

    Becca & Matt

  21. Madelene Martin says:

    Madelene and Logan:)

  22. Rachel B. says:

    Logan and Madelene!!

  23. Rachel says:

    Madelene and Logan!!

  24. Barb k says:

    Milwaukee and Ian

  25. Nikki P says:

    Rebecca and matt

  26. Rachel B says:

    Madelene and Logan!

  27. susan says:

    Becca and Matt

  28. Mariel says:

    Mikaylee and Ian deserve this SO much! Such a great couple! Thank you Ian for your service to our Country. We love you!

  29. chris says:

    Becca and Matt!

  30. amber says:

    Becca and Matt

  31. Britney Hensley says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  32. Madelene Martin says:

    Madelene and Logan:

  33. Renee says:

    Jacob and Renee

  34. Patricia says:

    Jacob and Renee

  35. Jacob says:

    Jacob and renee

  36. Kim Privette says:

    Rebecca and matt

  37. amber says:

    Becca and Matt

  38. Becca says:

    Becca & Matt!

  39. Matt says:

    Becca & Matt

  40. Chris says:

    Rebecca and Matthew

  41. Sandra Lynn says:

    Rebbeca and Matt

  42. Emily Wallace says:

    Rebecca and Matt!!

  43. johnson says:

    Rebecca and matt

  44. Michelle says:

    Becca and Matt

  45. Nikki P says:

    Rebecca and Matt!! Lovely couple

  46. Rachel B says:

    Madelene and Logan

  47. Emily wallace says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  48. Rachel B. says:

    Madelene and Logan!

  49. Rebecca says:

    Rebecca & Matt

  50. Amber says:

    Becca & Matt

  51. Nikki P says:

    Matt & Becca

  52. Madelene Martin says:

    Madelene and Logan

  53. Britney says:

    Rebecca and matt

  54. Nikki says:

    Matt and Becca!

  55. Madelene Martin says:

    Madelene and Logan!

  56. Becca says:

    Matt and Rebecca

  57. Matt says:

    Matt &becca

  58. Chris says:

    Matt & becca

  59. johnson says:

    matt and rebecca

  60. Ashley says:

    Matt and Rebecca

  61. megan says:

    becca and matt

  62. Madelene says:

    Madelene and Logan:)

  63. Becca says:

    Becca & matt

  64. Becca says:

    Becca and Matt

  65. Matt says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  66. Johnson says:

    Becca and Matt

  67. Tom says:

    Rebecca and matt

  68. Emily wallace says:

    Rebecca and matt

  69. Nikki says:

    Rebecca and Matt!!!!!!!!

  70. Madelene says:

    Madelene and Logan

  71. Tammie says:

    Rebecca and matt!!

  72. Becca says:

    Rebecca and matt

  73. Jen says:

    Rebecca and matt

  74. Kim says:

    Matt and Rebecca

  75. Stacey says:

    Rebecca & Matt

  76. Aunt Shell says:

    Mikaylee and Ian ♡♡

  77. Nikki P says:

    Rebecca and Matt 😍

  78. Madelene says:

    Madelene and Logan!!!

  79. Ellen says:

    Rebecca and matt

  80. Ashley says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  81. Jenn says:

    Rebecca and matt

  82. rebecca says:

    Rebecca and matt

  83. judy says:

    becca and matt

  84. Vicky says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  85. jordan says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  86. Maddie says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  87. chris says:

    becca and matt

  88. Nikki says:

    Rebecca and Matt T.

  89. Nikki says:

    Rebecca Matt

  90. amy says:

    rebecca and matt

  91. Nikki P says:

    Becca & Matt so deserve this amazing giveaway!!!

  92. Ew says:

    Becca and Matt

  93. matt says:

    becca and matt

  94. Dani says:

    Milwaukee and ian

  95. Nikki says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  96. Marin P says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  97. Jan says:

    Rebecca and Matt

  98. Brit says:

    Matt and Rebecca

  99. Ew says:

    Rebecca & matt

  100. Nikki says:

    ❤️ Becca and Matt ❤️

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